Jemima Montag smiles while walking with the Australian flag held behind her back

Jemima Montag inspired by late grandmother in 10,000m race walk win at Commonwealth Games

Jemima Montag carries a reminder of her late grandmother, Holocaust survivor Judith, with her in every race.

A gold bracelet, made from one of her grandmother’s necklaces, was on Montag’s wrist as she won a gold medal in the women’s 10,000 meters race walk at the Commonwealth Games.

“It’s certainly a lucky charm. I can feel it there wobbling around and she’s with me,” Montag said.

Judith died before last year’s Tokyo Olympics and had not spoken about her Holocaust survival story, which included time in the Auschwitz concentration camp, because of the trauma associated with it.

But after the Olympics, Montag and her aunty looked through Judith’s persona mementos.


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